Period 上海本地龙凤自荐女ERof time, a few experience.

all13Period of time, a few experience. As the growth of the age, the environment of the life changes cease上海2020龙凤lesslyThe friend’s increasingly constant also newer moveAnd my thought also becomes complex gradually riseI think not merely my person is suchEverybody should experience these processesSay Orphean point, this is everybody is 上海贵族宝贝论坛in grow ceaselesslyI am in a society that is full of trap everywhere nowA little carelessly, fall into others possibly to set good trap already for youSo I also am in it is others ceaselessly to set trap, this is a who strike上海大龙凤EFs first prevailsActive attack just is best defence tacticsSuch day is very tired nevertheless, I want hard to

change this reality, but the force that I consider me is negligibleSuch society still is done not have early in me before be born, form上海本地龙凤自荐女ADedI am not what great person, I also do not have so great mindI am begged only can protect oneselfAlso won’t set cave in trap to others until the last momentCome already, criterion An 上海花千坊419KUZiA successful great person ever had saidWant to succeed, that has to get used to different environment, What I think this word says is very reasonable, on this world, pure in the society with various movesIf you encounter unfavorable society, so you have to redouble your efforts to blend in go inis not to sit to already was waited for kill, the good name that as a result you can get one each is shut onlyThe society is so brutal, in brutal society I just can perfect myself ceaselesslyPerhaps you do not understand me to want what to sayYou still perhaps are now when the illusion is idealI ever also had been imagined, but with differ actually too farGive times doubler effort than others onlyWhat you just can stand is taller than others, ability looks furtherEffort is diligent, just be good senseBe in dreamy world alive all the day, you will see the way that is less than your ahead